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We are trying to make education available for everyone, with your support we can do it.

Give ٍSyrian people the education they deserve! It's time to make a change . . ., it’s time to become visionary!

8 years of war have exhausted the people of Syria. Young women and men are among the most affected. Millions of Syrian youth are deprived of a proper education. They have little hopes of improving their livelihood situation. Their future is plagued by problems such as poverty, recruitment, child marriage and extremism. All they can remember is the war.

We provide ICT skills development and capacity building. This education has changed the lives of hundreds of young women and men in Syria. It provided them with employment opportunities enabling them to improve their livelihood situation and increase their resilience.

However, the success of our cause depends on you. Your crucial support will help thousands of young Syrian women and men. We at Maharat Academy have the vision that together we can improve lives through ICT education. No matter how much the war has destroyed, we will keep rebuilding from the ashes. The Syrian youth deserves an education, they deserve a future, they deserve your help. With your contributions, we can keep improving hundreds of young lives. It's time to make a change, it’s time to become visionary!

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Help us build a better future for Syria. Your generous donations will help hundreds of young Syrian women and men

change Lives

Why our Academy Change Lives


young women and men with lifelong skills and immediate access to employment opportunities. Through freelancing and other work opportunities, our students can become independent breadwinners in their families. We also focus on innovation, which translates into the graduates contributing with projects that benefit their communities.


Our ICT Education offers unique possibilities to our students. Since 2012, we provide alternative ICT (Information and Communications Technology) education training to youth in Syria. We offer different education programs, ranging from basic ICT literacy courses to advanced coding courses. We also offer language and communication classes and events.


Our facilities are places of self-fulfillment, and empower the most vulnerable members of society. We want to ensure equal access for all young Syrians, no matter their gender, IDP status, or disability. The facilities are adapted to students with disabilities. 50% of the staff and students are women. A child minding section is included to encourage women participation.

What They Say About Us

Ghadeer Al Hussein

i liked this accademia , because the of the developer who take care of building that site