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Our Story

Welcome To Maharat Learning

Maharat began as a response to the challenges local community members in Syria encountered after years of devastating violence in their country. With thousands of lives lost and over 6 million displaced, the country’s infrastructure lay in ruins, poverty was rampant, and access to even basic education was woefully insufficient. For refugees and the communities that host them, access to sustainable livelihoods and education is especially limited and inter-community tensions are rising. Maharat’s mission is to employ and utilize ICT to advance and empower communities who have been cut off from educational resources. Maharat provides advanced ICT skills development to equip trainees with the necessary skills to access the global digital economy. Our mission is ambitious, but it is this ambition which has driven the impact achieved by Maharat since 2016. To date, hundreds of people have benefitted from our training services, and we look forward to a bright future for our Maharat family. {" "}

  • 300+ Graduated Students
  • 50+ Training Program
  • 25+ Free Courses
  • 5+ Active Course
Productive and resilient society through ICT

Our Vision

Who We Are

- Maharat is a Syrian nonprofit initiative specializing in delivering ICT skills development to local communities. The Maharat Academy was established under the umbrella of the Roia Foundation in November 2016 as a mechanism to break down barriers for youth living in disadvantaged Syrian communities. The Academy aims to help both female and male youth to become financially independent by developing their ICT skills and providing them with the necessary support, tools, and mentorship to access the global economy.

What We Do

- Maharat’s mission is to employ and utilize ICT to advance and empower marginalized communities. Maharat provides both basic and advanced ICT skills development trainings to equip our participants with the necessary skills to access the global digital economy and to improve productivity and resilience. The academy promotes digital literacy and ICT education between all community members to educate them about the potential of ICT and digital transformation. - We pay special attention to the most underserved communities, including refugees, people living in war zones, youth, and women. Female empowerment takes a prominent role in Maharat’s plans. We aim to dismantle the barriers to women’s access to education and income, and provide tailored services and programs to encourage women’s involvement in ICT. - Our mission is ambitious, but it is this ambition which has driven the impact achieved by Maharat since 2016, and it is this ambition which will drive us to achieve an even greater impact by 2023.

Our Goals

Promoting ICT education and Digital Literacy for Syrian communities
Equipping Syrian youth and community members with advanced ICT skills
Increasing the involvement of Syrian women in ICT
Enabling digital transformation within local communities

Maharat Supports the Sustainable Development Goals

SDG4: We make ICT education available for everyone
SDG5: We ensure equal access to ICT for women
SDG8: We enable access to decent online work
SDG9: We utilize advanced tech to empower communities

Our Values

Our Team

Meet Our Team


Mohammad Shaikh Omar

HR Officer


Samer Alsuliman

Hub Manager


Abdullah Hayek

Program Officer


Zahraa Alhaj Mahmoud

Student Officer


Abdalkarem Shano

Financial Officer


Ahmed Barjas

Media Officer


Mohamad Khalil

Logistic Officer


Mohamed El Swwa7

Public Relations Officer


Meet Our Trustees

The Board of Trustees has a primary responsibility to foster the organization’s short and long-term goals and objectives, consistent with the Board’s responsibility to the organization’s stakeholders. We give full consideration to the legitimate interests held by other stakeholders including beneficiaries, employees, suppliers, communities and the public.

Esra’a Al Shafei

Board Secretary

Dafne van Baarle

Board Chairwoman

Khaled Shaaban

Board Treasurer